Let the Training Begin!!


In preparation for our trek to Machu Picchu in April, we needed to start hiking now.  Why do we need to start now, you ask?  1. Do you know me?  I need to start now.  2. We will “trek from 3,900m/12,800ft to 2,100m/6,900ft, traversing across magnificent mountain passes, enjoying enormous and mystical snow-capped peaks, seeing nature in its purest form and exploring more than 15 different ecosystems from beginning to end”.  Enough said.

So on Sunday, off we went with friends for a 7.6 mile Moderate to Strenuous hike along the Appalachian Trail.  The day before, I bought these bad boys

And after some huffing and puffing and a jump of success at the top, we had this view…

And then at the bottom there was a lake.  And if you know anything about my husband, Arion, you know he went for a dip, in his boxers.  Such a little fishy.

I sat on the sidelines and played with a frog I named Rosy, since the rest of our group was made up of 5 guys and I didn’t deem it appropriate to jump in and swim 😉

Afterward we had a quiet lunch in town, along the Hudson, and then drove home.  First major hiking day = success!!


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