A Wedding Gift from the Brother


Since my last post about Mohonk, also included the wedding gift we received from Arion’s sister and brother-in-law, I thought it was only appropriate to also document the gift we just received (in the 1 year timeframe ;)) from Arion’s brother, Brett.  I also consider him my brother these days – so now we’ll just refer to him as BROTHER.

Since the day we got engaged, Brett has been expressing his desire to get us a piece of art, as our wedding gift.  This was particularly hard because not only do we have different taste them him, but Arion and I also tend to have different taste than each other 🙂

So Brett searched and searched – and we searched with him a few times – and he sent links, and ideas, and samples.  And then… one fine day in Union Square at the Art Festival, there it was.  The perfect piece.  Something that wasn’t a photograph (my preference) and something that was unique (Arion’s preference) – all wrapped up into one.

So without further ado, here is our new piece of FREAKING AWESOME, 24×36, art:

And some details…

It is the depiction of a well-known building in Brooklyn that changes whenever a new graffiti artist comes to place their masterpiece upon it.  Also, what is pretty neat is that this is what it looked like the year we were married (awww).  Plus, we both love Banksy, and NY, so it was a perfect fit.

Brett, thank you so much – we love it and will cherish it forever 🙂 xoxo


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