On June 2nd, 2010, my dear husband convinced me to go to a spinning class.  Said spinning class is at 6:45am on Monday and Wednesday, each week.  So I woke up and my tired self walked with the hubs hand-in-hand to the gym, to set up this funky bike (yes, we looked adorable).  The class went a little bit like this… this isn’t so bad, love the music, I might die, ooo good song, power through, this ROCKS, again death, and lastly, I love this!!

So, for a month now I’ve gone twice a week very successfully.. my only break being when I was in CO for Wes’ birthday and that’s a clear wave 🙂  I also found a Wednesday evening class at 6pm, so I only do the 6:45am once a week (MUCH BETTER).

So that’s that.  Do spinning.  It rocks!

(below is a depiction of what I DON’T look like while spinning.. ;))


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