Wes’ 1st Birthday… and other things that happened in June


Before this becomes another post about my main man, Wes, two other great things happened in June.  The Robbins Family Reunion and our annual Hampton’s weekend.

At the Robbins Family Reunion we had a great day of pool time and good food at Arion’s parents house.  AND, I received my traditional onyx family ring as a surprise!  Everyone receives their family ring and their Bar/Bat Mitzvah or after being married for a year.  Grandma and Grandpa Robbins decided to give me mine at the reunion.  Such a touching day.

Each year we also spend a weekend in the Hampton’s with Chris and Katie.  This year we were also joined by Adam, Alison, Arturo, and Mike.  Such a relaxing time 🙂

And now… to the man of the hour, month, year… MR. WES!!

I headed out to CO for a long weekend to celebrate Wes’ first birthday and it was perfect.  Melissa arranged to have a bunch of people get together in a park near their house for cake and fun.  We also went swimming a lot and had good family time.  Did I mention I love CO?! Anyway, since I know that no one wants to read this, they just want to see pictures, here you go!!

Yes, he’s that cute.  And if you can believe it, even cuter in person.

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