First DIY Home Project!


If you can’t already tell from the title, this is my first DIY Home Project blog!

First came the lonely boring window x3.  We had room darkeners up already for guests (yes, I live in Manhattan – guests sleep in the living room), but I had been really wanting to make it feel more like home…

Next came the curtains search, which can also be dubbed as evil.  I searched everywhere for ready-made curtains that I didn’t hate and didn’t cost a fortune.  Our search came up empty, which lead me to my most favorite new obsession, the blog of Young House Love.  They have a fabulous tutorial on making your own curtains, bedskirts, and well, everything else – but the curtains caught my interest.  And I decided I could do it!  So, I energized the hubs and off we went to the fashion district in NYC, to scour the fabric stores.  And guess what, Heather still isn’t satisfied with the findings.  So, on to the internet and and 5-7 business days later, VICTORY… we have our fabric:

Next came laying it out and cutting it into three long pieces, with some extra at the end.  The width was already perfect for our windows, so I just needed the length.  I cut it to 96 inches a piece, which left room for the hem and for the drapes to fall to the floor. (Sadie also provided support from the sidelines)

Then came the hem.. and this amazing product called Heat ‘N Bond.  All I had to do was iron on the tape, take off the top layer, fold over the fabric, and iron that.. and DONE.  Awesome. Perfect. Hem.

The hubs had already hung the bronze curtain rods, so we were ready to use the matching clip rings and hang them up!!  AND VOILA!!  (ignore the iron still chillin’ below – this was before the clean-up)

For the third window on the left, which is behind our “office desk”, I used a tension rod instead to give it distinction as a different room, and when doing the hem, I just left room for the rod and slipped it in.  I also cut this one into two curtains so it was easier to tie back during the day.  So here’s the entire room – including a pillow cover I made with some of the extra fabric!  The curtains are also tied back with some of the extra fabric that was left 🙂 clever, I know!

So, friends, there you have it.  Heather being domestic with DIY projects.  I’m so inspired, I’m already brainstorming on what else I can tackle in this rental, to make it feel more like home.  Wish me luck!!!

P.S. Two more pillow/kitty pictures for good measure 🙂


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