Valentine’s Day in Beantown


Valentine’s Day was extra special this year for two reasons.  The first, it was our first as husband and wife (!!!), but it was also the first time we’ve even been in the same city for the actual holiday!  Usually, Arion takes his father/brother ski trip over President’s weekend because of the extra day off from work and that also means Feb. 14.

With such a special time, Arion was a super hubs and whisked me away to Boston for a weekend getaway.

Some highlights: Walked from Newbury Street to Tufts (longer than you think – ha!), Arion gave me a personal tour of the Tufts’ campus, ate at Anna’s Taqueria  ( – ie. most delicious thing in Davis Square, had dinner with friends, and spent the night of V-day snuggled up in our boutique hotel room with some delicious room service dinner.

Us on the Charles River:

Arion and Andrea – the alum

Last minute visit with the not-so-new local, Sandy 🙂

The visit to Boston was far overdue, but an excellent time 🙂  Thanks hubs, love you!!!


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